How Old Were Your Favorite Authors When They Published Their Breakout Book? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Ever feel like it’s too late to start writing your first book? Unfortunately, this type of thinking is all-too-common and causes too many would-be authors to never start the books they want to write.

This infographic put together by blinkbox books shows the ages of a slew of famous authors when they published their breakthrough books. The graphic can serve as something of an inspiration for those who may think too much time has already passed them by.

Sure, it can be a bit discouraging that Kerouac published “On the Road” at 26 and that “The Great Gatsby” first appeared when Fitzgerald was 30 (though the book wasn’t a as much of a hit then as it is now). But did you know Gabriel Garcia Marquez was 41 when he published “One Hundred Years of Solitude”? James Joyce was the same age when “Ulysses” was published. Further up the scale, John Irving was 48 when “A Prayer for Owen Meany” hit it big, and C.S. Lewis was 53 when The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was released.

So get to writing! There’s nothing stopping you. Check out the full graphic below. You may want to head over to the blinkbox page, where you’ll find an interactive version.