Bing Introduces Best-Selling Books Carousel in Search Results

 Bing Carousel Best Selling Fiction Books

Looking for the next best-seller to read? You may want to head over to Bing.

The search engine has just introduced a carousel that displays the current New York Times best-sellers when you search for them.

For example, searching for “best-selling nonfiction books” gives you the following results:

Bing Carousel Best Selling Nonfiction Books

As you can see, the carousel includes the most recent NYTimes best-selling hardcover nonfiction list, which in this case includes Bill O’Reilly, George W. Bush and Amy Poehler.

If it’s not best-sellers that you’re looking for, you also can get a carousel with a wider scope of books, such as simply searching for “fiction books.”

Bing Carousel Fiction Books

Clearly, this includes extremely popular books from a variety of time periods, from the Charles Dickens classic “Great Expectations” to the much more recent “Game of Thrones”

The new Bing carousel may turn out to be a great and extremely quick way to find your next great read.