Saddle Stitched.

Binding Booklets

Durable and cost effective, Saddle Stitching is widely employed for booklets, magazines, catalogs and many other book products. Just as there’s a practical limit to how few pages can be Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitching has an upper limit on how many pages can be bound. Sheet thickness, finish and trim size all contribute to the that page limit. Generally though you’ll want to keep the count below 64 pages.

Saddle Stitching is a great option for more specialized products such as a Pocket Folder book. We can print and convert a pocket folder to be used as the cover of the book and stitch the interior pages along with inserting other materials into the pockets.

As with all of our book products, plan on calling to discuss your many options when it comes to saddle stitching: 888-664-8166.


Cover Materials

Saddle Stitching enjoys a large selection of cover materials. The primary requirement of the cover using this binding method is that it be substantial enough to resist tear through at the staples. All but the most delicate papers can withstand this so your options are wide open.

In addition to standard printing stocks, heavy weight cover materials and translucent vellum stocks are offered. And much like the pocket folder books mentioned in the previous section, we can stitch in perforated tear-out sheets, maps or even envelopes to the interior of the book.

With so many options be sure to talk to a book printing pro by calling 888-664-8166 or dropping us an email: [email protected]

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Like all of our book products, digital and traditional offset printing are options depending on run length and trim sizes. Unlike the other binding methods though, Saddle Stitching requires that the final page count be divisible by four.

That’s because pages are printed four-up to a sheet. The sheet is then trimmed from the larger press sheet, folded in half and placed on the saddle (hence the name). We start with the center most sheet and place each subsequent sheet on top of that one, building the book from the center out.

You don’t have to worry about building your file to accomplish any of this. As part of our preflight process we will take you file and arrange the pages onto larger press sheets so once they are cut down and folded they will drop right into place.


Binding the Book

Like our other book printing methods, Saddle Stitched books are produced in multiple steps.

  1. Print, score and folder the Covers
  2. Print, cut and fold the Inside Pages
  3. Collate and staple the Covers and Inside Pages together

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of insertion options to include perforated pages, fold out maps or fly sheets, business reply cards and even envelopes.

Much of this requires handwork for short run projects. If interested in these options please give us a call so we can provide pricing and a game plan.

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