Bleed in Printing – A Guide to the Basics

What is Bleed in Printing?

Bleed occurs any time the area of an image extends beyond the trim edge of a sheet. That is to say, the image will extend all the way to the edge of your final printed page instead of including an outer margin that is left with no printed material. This can be true of all or just part of the page.

Does your document require b...

Kickstart Your Kickstarter Book Project

As I write this, there are 17,481 projects on Kickstarter that fall under the “Publishing” label. Of that impressive amount, many are – at least in part – raising money to cover book printing costs.

We’re pretty big fans of Kickstarter here at Advanced Print & Finishing, and have served as the book printer for quite a few projects from the crowdfunding site. Working wit...

Yearbook Printing

Advanced Print & Finishing offers top quality custom annual and yearbook printing with the best customer service available. We know you have a choice when it comes to the printer you choose, and we forge personal relationships with close communication that the bigger guys can’t match.

Why We’re Different

One thing that sets us...

Digital vs. Offset Book Printing

David Rogers

Nearly every new book released today was created on one of two machines: a digital press or an offset press. Naturally this leads to questions concerning the difference between the two, and which is better.

Book Binding Services: The Best Method for Your Project

David Rogers

An old saying informs us we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but we all know that we do it anyway. So authors certainly pay attention to the visual presentation of their books, and one of the choices that greatly influences that look is the binding method. Making the best choice between different methods means considering a few factors -- some aesthetic and...

Custom Quotes

Our site is built around our instant book quote application that was designed to deliver a price estimate on what we have found to be the most commonly used options. Our primary goal was to make the quote form as easy to use as possible. In doing so it was necessary to reduce the number of available options in most categories, but only for the instant online quote.

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