Why are there Blank Pages in Books?

Ever been curious why there are blank pages in books? Is it a waste of paper?

Fortunately, there are some perfectly logical explanations, and the extra pages often actually make the printing process more efficient. Whether you need to know because you’re working on a book layout or you’re just curious, read on to find out what those blank pages are all about.

Blank pages at the end of a book

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Bleed in Printing – A Guide to the Basics

What is Bleed in Printing?

Bleed occurs any time the area of an image extends beyond the trim edge of a sheet. That is to say, the image will extend all the way to the edge of your final printed page instead of including an outer margin that is left with no printed material. This can be true of all or just part of the page.

Does your document require b...

Paper Weight Conversion Chart

David Rogers

There's no beating around the bush: The different measurements of paper weight can get confusing very quickly.

This stems from the way different types of paper are measured, as well as different measurement types being used for different applications. We’ve put together a paper weight conversion chart to represent popular paper...

Printing a Children’s Book – A Guide

Children’s books are one of the most common types of self-published books. Authors vary from parents that want to print a personalized book for their children to those looking to become the next Doctor Seuss without going the traditional publishing route.

We’ve printed a large...

Book Design Guide: Front Matter

When designing your book, it is easy to get so focused on the design of the main body of the book that you neglect the front matter - the information and pages that precede that main portion. However, since this section will be a second impression of sorts for your book ...

Book Design Tips: Page Number Layout

Thinking of the page number layout for your book may seem like something of an afterthought for many self-publishers. However, there are actually a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you have a professional looking final project.

Here we’ll explore a few things about page numbers (also known as folios) and how they should be incorporated into your design.