Yearbook Printing.

Custom Yearbook Printing Services

What better student project is there than publishing your own yearbook? From developing a concept, compiling data, photography, artwork, writing, editing, design and layout. A lot of work goes into it but the sense of accomplishment would certainly leave an lasting memory. 
All that’s left now is to print the book. And what better printer to use than one that has printed Yearbooks for schools throughout the nation. Although the students that created the Yearbook may be amateurs, the professionals at Advanced Print & Finishing have been printing Yearbooks for decades. 
Rely on the Best Book Printing team at Advanced. Our reputation is built on providing unmatched customer service, meeting deadlines and producing the highest quality books. 

Common Choices


• PORTRAIT: 8.5″ x 11″
• LANDSCAPE: 11″ x 8.5″


• Casewrapped
• Casebound


• 100# Gloss Text


Advanced Print & Finishing did an awesome job on our client's book. The folks there were very helpful and accommodating. Great job!
Diana Zdenek

Custom Yearbook Printing Services

Turn your yearbook draft into professionally printed yearbooks with the help of the Best Book Printing team at Advanced Print & Finishing. We provide custom yearbook printing services that make it easy for you to turn school memories into lasting keepsakes that students will treasure for years to come.

Book Printing

Quick Guide to Printing a Yearbook With Best Book Printing

1. Gather all of the images and content you want to include in your yearbook. 

2. Format your images and content using the software of your choice. We work with various Mac and Windows applications, including Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop) and QuarkXPress.

3. Fill out the online form to request a quote. Be sure to enter all the details requested, such as the number of inside pages, binding style, size, cover type and orientation. If you have any questions or need help filling out the form, please call us at 888-664-8166.

4. Once you receive the quote, you can turn it into an order. Email [email protected] to request a secure file upload link so you can send us your files. Don’t forget to include your quote number.

5. We will review your files and send you a proof to ensure your yearbook is exactly the way you want it to look before we proceed with printing. 

6. Once you’ve approved the proof, we will contact you to finalize the details before printing your yearbooks. 


Yearbook Design Best Practices and Tips

If you’re still in the design phase, follow these steps for an attractive yearbook that reflects what makes your school and its students special.

  • Develop a Theme: A yearbook theme helps give your yearbook’s design a cohesive look. When creating a theme, consider factors such as your school’s culture, memorable events during the school year and student interests.
  • Use High-quality Photos: The photos are the star and central focus of any yearbook, so make sure you include ones that have good image quality. Don’t forget to edit the photos before you include them in your draft.
  • Be Consistent: You can experiment with different fonts, colors, shapes and patterns, but make sure the visuals complement each other and are consistent throughout the yearbook.
  • Proofread: Before you send us your yearbook draft, have two or more people proofread the content for grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors. It’s better to spend extra time proofreading than having a grammar error appear in the published yearbook.

What to Look for in a Yearbook Printing Company

Publishing a yearbook entails a lot of work and creativity. Over a period of months, yearbook advisers and students team up to develop a concept, compile data, photos, artwork and writing, as well as design and lay out the yearbook. 

To do your hard work justice, it’s important to choose the right printing company–one that provides quality printing services that can be tailored according to your needs and preferences as well as adjusted to fit your budget.

That is exactly what the Best Book Printing team delivers. 


Why Choose Us for Custom Yearbook Printing

Best Book Printing is part of the Advanced Print & Finishing company, a trusted business with more than 30 years of industry experience. When you choose us for yearbook printing, you can leverage our combined expertise to ensure your project is a success. 

We take pride in having printed yearbooks for schools all over the country. Our reputation is built on providing unmatched customer service, meeting deadlines and producing the highest quality books.


Finishing Options for Yearbook Printing

When printing a yearbook for your school, you want the end results to be a yearbook that students will be happy to keep and show off to their loved ones. Our customization options allow you to create yearbooks that not only reflect your school spirit but also have a premium look and feel. 

These include: 

Foil Stamp: Metallic accents to the title and other design elements on your yearbook cover add to its aesthetic appeal. 

Emboss: Often combined with foil stamping, embossing gives yearbook covers a three-dimensional look.

Lamination: Give your yearbooks a clean and professional look while protecting them from spills.

Other Customization Options

At Best Book Printing, we have custom yearbook printing down to a fine art. We offer additional options to further tailor your yearbooks to your requirements.

These include: 

  • Dust Jacket: This protects your yearbook while enhancing its visual impact.
  • End Bands: Multicolor ribbons at the top and bottom of the spine add timeless appeal to your yearbook.
  • Smyth-Sewn Binding: This traditional binding allows yearbooks to lay flat when opened. It also results in more durable books. 



The standard size for yearbooks is 8.5” x 11”. We offer two orientation options: Portrait (8.5″ x 11″) and Landscape (11″ x 8.5″). This size is big enough to accommodate all of the content you may want to include without being too large and bulky.

Coated glossy paper is typically used for yearbooks, as these are durable and make photos stand out. We offer 100# gloss text for yearbook projects.

It depends on a number of factors, such as the number of yearbooks you need to be printed, the number of pages in each one and its size. For an estimate of the turnaround time, we recommend reaching out to our team.

When deciding how many yearbooks to order, consider the number of current students who have placed or will place an order as well, as alumni and faculty who may wish to purchase copies. Consider also that students who did not place a pre-order may change their minds and want to purchase a copy once it’s available.


    Dust Jackets are meant to add protection to the cover. They also add great visual impact for casebound books, helping them to pop when laying on a table or tucked away on a bookshelf.


    Lamination adds a strong layer of protection to your book's cover. In addition to visual appeal, lamination can add a tactile quality to your book. Ask about our Soft Touch lamination option.


    Aside from standard gold or silver foil, there is a wide variety of specialty foils from which to choose. Give us a call to discuss your many options.


    No other option has as much impact as a well executed emboss on your cover. Subtle, refined and very next level – use a quality emboss to really stand out.


    End bands are the perfect way to add that finishing touch to your hardcover book. These are the multi color ribbons that you see at the top and bottom of a book's spine.


    Today's hardcover books are crafted using modern equipment and materials to achieve incredible durability. A traditional binding technique however still offers unprecedented resilience. Smythe sewing is common in Library Binding for books that will see years of heavy use.