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About Catalogs

The internet has completely supplanted print catalogs – right? As it turns out, not really.

It’s true that the comprehensive, thick-as-a-brick catalogs of the past are just that, past. But manufactures and retailers have discovered the value of more focused catalogs. Interest specific, seasonal offerings and brand highlights are a few examples of subject focus. Additionally, customers still love to simply page through a catalog.

The key here is to leverage the power of print to supplement your online presence and enhance your brand. Don’t just try to replicate your online storefront. Instead group complementary items together in photo spreads that will peak a shopper’s interest. They may be looking for a pair of hiking boots but showing those boots being used on the trail along with a backpack, sunglasses and a hoodie will strike a stronger chord for all four products.

Common Choices


• PORTRAIT: 8.5″ x 11″
• LANDSCAPE: 10″ x 8″
• SQUARE: 8″ x 8″


• Saddle Stitched
• Perfect Bound


• 100# Gloss Text
• 80# Gloss Cover


"Hi, Chris and Valerie! I was sure I had written you both to thank you, but I can't find it in my sent folder. Just in case I didn't thank you both, please know how much we valued your hard work in printing our book, True Road to Somewhere.

You did a fantastic job, even in the middle of a pandemic! You certainly came through for us on time, just as you promised. - Thank you, thank you!

Rita Wisdom
Author / Publisher



    Dust Jackets are meant to add protection to the cover. They also add great visual impact for casebound books, helping them to pop when laying on a table or tucked away on a bookshelf.


    Lamination adds a strong layer of protection to your book's cover. In addition to visual appeal, lamination can add a tactile quality to your book. Ask about our Soft Touch lamination option.


    Aside from standard gold or silver foil, there is a wide variety of specialty foils from which to choose. Give us a call to discuss your many options.


    No other option has as much impact as a well executed emboss on your cover. Subtle, refined and very next level – use a quality emboss to really stand out.


    End bands are the perfect way to add that finishing touch to your hardcover book. These are the multi color ribbons that you see at the top and bottom of a book's spine.


    Today's hardcover books are crafted using modern equipment and materials to achieve incredible durability. A traditional binding technique however still offers unprecedented resilience. Smythe sewing is common in Library Binding for books that will see years of heavy use.