Coloring Book Printing.

About Coloring Books

Coloring books for children are obvious but you might be surprised to learn that we produce more coloring books aimed at adults than at the kids.

Generations of Americans have grown up reading comics and just as we have matured so has the genre. Many of the incredibly talented artists in the field enjoy a popular following and will offer collections of character sketches and inked outlines to their fans – many of whom are talented in their own right.

Sure, one could grab a box of Crayons and jump right in but hopefully they’ve developed more sophisticated techniques to bring depth and artistry to their efforts.

There’s practically no better way to connect with your fan base then to offer a way to collaborate. That is exactly what a coloring book offers.

Common Choices


• PORTRAIT: 8.5″ x 11″
• SQUARE: 10″ x 10″


• Saddle Stitched
• Wire-O


• 70# Smooth Opaque Text
• 100# Smooth Opaque Text


I highly recommend using Advanced Printing for any printing job you need done. Christine did the layout for my book and did an outstanding job.

All of the staff I dealt with were very professional and accommodating to my requests.
Twisty Seaway

Premium Coloring Book Printing

If you want to print a coloring book that you can truly be proud of, turn to Best Book Printing. We take pride in delivering exceptional work and excellent service. 

We understand and appreciate that our customers spend years imagining, designing and creating their projects. Our team aims to do justice to their creations by producing premium-quality

Book Printing

Adult Coloring Book Printing

Say goodbye to deciphering recipes written by hand on scraps of paper. By printing a family cookbook, you can share the joy of cooking with your family and friends. Combine all your family’s special recipes into one book that anyone can follow. 

At Advanced Print & Finishing, we can help you create a family cookbook. Whether it’s a no-nonsense cookbook designed for the kitchen or a more memorable gift commemorating your family’s best cooks, we offer custom solutions tailored to your preferences. 


Kids’ Coloring Books Printing

Children’s coloring books are meant to be a fun tool that develops creativity, teaches fine motor skills and shows how different colors go together. They’re also meant to give kids a sense of accomplishment when they complete a page, which is why the designs are simple and easy to color in. 

Children’s coloring books typically feature simple designs, whimsical drawings and popular cartoon characters. At Best Book Printing, we’ll use the most appropriate materials and high-quality inks to showcase your illustrations and provide little ones with a joyful coloring experience. 




    Also called a dust wrapper, this is a paper cover that wraps around your coloring book. It can be printed with the title, the illustrator or designer’s name or other text. It does double duty, creating a visual impact while protecting your coloring book from damage

  • Soft Touch Lamination

    This option gives your coloring book’s covers a soft, velvety feel. It also adds a layer of protection against accidental spills and scratches.


    Foil stamping is an elegant way to highlight important details, such as the title, on your cover. We offer a wide range of foils, from classic silver and gold to specialty foils. Contact us to discuss your options today!


    Embossing involves using a metal stamp to give a sunken effect to text or a design on your coloring book’s cover. It provides a touch of classic elegance and is an eye-catching addition to an adult coloring book’s cover.


    End bands are the perfect way to add that finishing touch to your hardcover book. These are the multi color ribbons that you see at the top and bottom of a book's spine.


    This is a popular method of book-binding that is particularly suitable for coloring books, as it results in books that lie perfectly flat when opened. Smyth-sewn binding involves sewing through the fold with thread, resulting in a strong and durable book.


You can choose from:

PORTRAIT: 8.5″ x 11″
SQUARE: 10″ x 10″

Both have their advantages. Portrait coloring books are the traditional size and shape, and they may be more familiar to people. They may also be easier to hold as they are narrow. Meanwhile, square coloring books appear modern and stylish, and they can be easier to color in as there is less space around the edges.

Ultimately, both are great choices! Which one you should go with depends entirely on you.

We offer the following types of paper for coloring book applications:


70# is slightly thinner than 100#, while 100# is thicker and more opaque. Which is best for your project depends on its specifications and your preferences. If you need expert advice on which one to choose, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Yes. In fact, most coloring books are printed in black and white.

Yes, you may! Many coloring books have pages with perforated edges along the spine. These make it easier for the user to tear out pages to display their completed work.

It depends on factors such as the size of the print run. For an estimate of the timeframe, it is best to contact us.