5 More TedEd Tips to Improve Your Writing

Last year, we featured 5 grammar lessons from TedEd. We thought those great videos were so helpful to writers that we want to revisit the TedEd Writer’s Workshop series for even more great tips to improve your writing.

This time around, we wanted to broaden our scope a bit to reach beyond the focus on grammar. But we will visit our old friend grammar first in a different way than we looked at it last time.

Does Grammar Matter?

Instead of looking at a specific grammar tip, this video looks at whether or not grammar matters as much as we think it does in the first place. This is an interesting look at the history of language and how grammar came to be important.

How to Write Descriptively

This one is a great tip for you fiction writers out there to improve your writing for your next novel. Using correct grammar is just one aspect of effective writing, and drawing in your reader is just as important.

How to Make Your Writing Funnier

Comedy writing is one of the toughest things to do well. Fortunately, comedy writer Cheri Steinkellner has a few simple comedy writing tips for you.

Three Anti-Social Skills to Improve Your Writing

Writing can be a somewhat anti-social venture, so you may as well use those awkward social skills as an advantage in your writing. Check out how in video below.

Comma Story

Finally, we bring it all back to grammar. As frequently used as they are (and sometimes shouldn’t be), commas are still misused often. Here, Terisa Falaron shares some tips that will lead you to becoming a comma master in no time.