3 Free Websites for Writers

As you launch and continue to cultivate your writing career, you’ll learn very quickly that a good online presence is essential these days. And if you’re not Jonathan Franzen, this applies to you regardless of what kind of writer you are.

While social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a must for many, most writers also need a website of their own. This allows more freedom and also allows you to customize the kind of things you want to post, whether it be a portfolio, a blog or a longer biography than you can fit in the restraints of Twitter’s bio space.

Because there are so many different types of writers out there our list contains three different sites, all geared toward different types of writers. All are free or have a free option. We’ve included a brief description of the type of site you’ll get, as well as a link for more information.

3 free websites for writers


Flavors.me isn’t exclusive to writers. Instead, it offers a site that anyone can use to gather all of your social media content and contact information in one place. As Flavors puts it, the site “brings together all your social content into a single, unified website, for free!”

For those that have already started building a social media presence, this is a great way for you to centralize and control all the information out there about you. Imagine sending a curious editor or agent to one site instead of a goose chase around all your social media properties. The free layouts you can choose from will make you and your information look great.


Clippings.me is designed with freelance journalists in mind, as it provides a great place to create an easy to use and great looking portfolio. However, it can be used by any writer that wants to put his or her portfolio online.

The portfolio can be built with links to your work, and you also can include PDFs and even podcasts.

WordPress blog

For those that want a more customizable experience with loads of options, you may want to look at using WordPress.com. But keep in mind that with more power comes more responsibility.

Because there are so many options, you’ll want to be at least a little computer savvy to set up your WordPress site the way you want it. The bare bones site comes with standard theme option, but you can also choose different themes, many of which are free.

If you’d like a portfolio, there are many free themes available that are built specifically to showcase your writing.