Book Release by Anthony C. Radford


Book Title: Shoplifting, Lost Prevention, and Merchants (The New Generation)

Author: Anthony C. Radford

Publisher: Castleton Books, Inc.

Description: “Highly controversial, Intriguing, and raw one of the most detailed books available on sources of theft and “how shoplifters steal.”

A recent increase in the rate of shoplifting is most likely a direct result of the failing economy. Job losses, unemployment, and other economic woes have meant that more Americans are close to or below the poverty line, and forced to choose between bills and other necessities, this accounts for a significant proportion of those who shoplift. In this book titled “Shoplifting, Loss Prevention, and Merchants” “the new generation” you will discover shoplifters to be a diverse group of people with distinctly different motives for their criminal behavior. It exposes the hidden social costs of shoplifting and outlines relevant laws and legal rights regarding it, but also offers much more. Expert loss prevention specialists share details of their craft and the many methods they employ to counter the ingenuity and determination of shoplifters. Merchants themselves whose financial welfare hangs in the balance share shoplifting knowledge they have often acquired at great cost. Finally, you will come to understand the mindsets of professional shoplifters, and learn previously inaccessible details of the many methods used including facts about “Booster Bags,” New shoplifting tools, scams, and explicit details on “how shoplifters steal.” You will also discover how all security systems and devices can easily be defeated. In fact, some Master shoplifters compare all anti-theft devices to toys.

Details: Paperback Number of pages: 100 ISBN-10: 1607432994 ISBN-13: 978-1607432999 Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″