Online Customer Service

Online ordering promises the streamlined delivery of products and in many cases it does. And then again, sometimes it doesn’t.

Take the case of computer software. A product that can be ordered, paid for and delivered online. It seems like software would be the prime example of efficient, hassle free purchasing. Until of course something goes wrong. Although I’ve ordered and received programs this way for many years now, the process is far from perfect. Just this week I ordered a product from the worlds largest software company. Low and behold, there was a problem with the order. At the time of this post the problem has yet to be resolved.

This illustrates how a relatively simple task can become rather difficult to execute successfully when doing so strictly over the internet. The reason that the problem hasn’t been fixed yet is that trying to navigate online customer service on such a large and overly complex company website is a nightmare. They have made it easy to submit the order but nearly impossible to resolve a customer service issue.

This experience underscores the difference of our philosophy here at Advanced Print & Finishing. We try to make the ordering process as easy as possible, yet are ready to deliver superior customer service if things don’t go as planned. When problems pop up, we are ready and willing to resolve the issue for the customer as quickly as possible. We offer several contact options and never drop your call into voicemail.

The cornerstone of our customer service is to have knowledgeable and experienced people answering the phones. When calling Advanced Print & Finishing, chances are that you will be talking directly to someone involved on the production of your job. And if the first person that you talk to doesn’t have an immediate answer, they will find out who does or will contact you as quickly as possible with the answer.