On the Bookshelves of the Famous

David Rogers


For many book lovers, there’s a certain and exciting thrill in knowing what other book lovers read. Discovering and comparing favorites, shared interests and shared hatreds add to said thrill.

These are the bonds we share as book lovers – whether we know one another or not. And though the intimate knowledge of another’s book shelf is just that – intimate – it’s like we can’t look away.

All that is to say there is quite a thrill indeed in getting an inside peak at the bookshelves of those we will never meet. The famous and the dead. The great authors and the fictitious.

Fortunately, if this is the type of thing that you look forward to, the folks over at Bid 4 Papers have put together an infographic depicting famous people’s bookshelves – taken from a variety of interviews and other sources.

What is John F. Kennedy’s favorite book? Well, he likes “The Emergence of Lincoln” and “From Russia with Love.” Books Madonna likes include “The Little Prince” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Joey Tribbiani’s favorites include “10 Ways to Get Better at Acting” and “The Shining” (so we’re told).

See many more favorites of famous people by clicking here or on the photo above.