Book Release by Robert J. LeClaire


Book Title: The Ring – Bobby’s Story

Author: Robert J. LeClaire

Description: The author’s memoir, a first book, depicts the events that took place in a one year time frame that changed his life. In a 1950’s small town Wisconsin setting, the author was orphaned. Revealing details of the events as they unfolded including a connection with Collegiate sports history. The Wisconsin Badger Boxing program was likened to football at Notre Dame. This story touches on the authors ties to the program and describes the events that led not only to the demise of the sport at Wisconsin, but to the abolishment of boxing as a collegiate sport. The event that brought down the sport also impacted on his family and future. Available on Amazon.

Details: Paperback Number of pages: 121 ISBN: 978-0-615-373214-3 Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″

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