Blog + Book = Blook

If you are reading this on the, then you are seeing an example of a blog in action. A blog (web log) is nothing more than a growing repository of ideas, thoughts and information as presented in a website. Most blogs share a general format organized by topic and chronology. Subject matter is unlimited and many use blogs as a means to share their life and their thoughts with friends, family and the world.

There are bloggers that have found a fair amount of popularity with their work and many would hope to turn this popularity into some form of income. Some sell advertising on their sites and others sell subscriptions. Then there are the enterprising souls that have turned their blog into a printed, self published book. Enter the Blook.

Until recently, the only way to create a book from the contents of your blog was to painstakingly copy the text and place it into page layout software that would allow you to format the contents and add the necessary titles, page numbers, chapter starts, table of contents and so on. Currently there is no commercial application that will automatically transform your blog site into a workable, commercially printed format. Yet.

However, for those of us with some amount of web skills, it is possible to create a website using HTML and CSS in such a way that book layout can be automated with the end result being print ready PDFs. The process is demonstrated in this article.

As it always happens with technology, if there is a clamor for something new, it won’t be long before someone comes up with a good solution – or twenty. So for those of you with the web skills to use the home grown approach shown with CSS: Boom!, go for it. For the rest of us, let’s make some noise so that someone will come up with a great way to transform your blog into a book.