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Sealed Edge Lam


Laminated print materials are used extensively for restaurants, hospitals and medical offices, educators, membership services, events, identification and signage.

Lamination provides:


  • A clean and professional look
  • Preservation
  • Durability
  • Reusability
  • Washablity
  • Enhanced feel (Softouch)

Graphic designers, healthcare companies, commercial printers, and corporations all have different requirements. We can provide guidance to achieve the best looking and longest lasting laminated materials.

Please explore the Lamination Services page on our company website:
Advanced Print & Finishing

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Foil Stamp

Everyone is familiar with gold and silver foil but don’t stop there. There are hundreds of foil colors and sheens to choose from along with options such as clear foil that can enhance a specific area of the printed sheet.


Embossing raises an area of the paper giving physical dimension to your product. This is often combined with foil stamping or with the printed image of the sheet to add impact. Another option is to raise an area without print or foil – referred to as a blind emboss – and is most often used to smooth or flatten papers with textured finishes such as linen or laid. Click here for an example of a multi-level blind emboss.

Dust Jacket

End Bands

Smyth Sewn