Earth Day Is Every Day

At home you may find ways to protect the environment by recycling, conserving energy and choosing fuel-efficient cars. But what can you do at office? Through our hectic work days it may not be at the forefront of our thoughts. How about choosing a copy paper that is highly sustainable, chlorine free, and is tree free. Treefrog is a new line of paper that is made of 70% sugar cane and 30% bamboo. Bamboo and sugar cane can be harvested in a fractio...

Blog + Book = Blook

If you are reading this on the, then you are seeing an example of a blog in action. A blog (web log) is nothing more than a growing repository of ideas, thoughts and information as presented in a website. Most blogs share a general format organized by topic and chronology. Subject matter is unlimited and many use blogs as a means to share their life and their thoughts with friends, family and the world.

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Custom Quotes

Our site is built around our instant book quote application that was designed to deliver a price estimate on what we have found to be the most commonly used options. Our primary goal was to make the quote form as easy to use as possible. In doing so it was necessary to reduce the number of available options in most categories, but only for the instant online quote.

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Online Customer Service

Online ordering promises the streamlined delivery of products and in many cases it does. And then again, sometimes it doesn't.

Take the case of computer software. A product that can be ordered, paid for and delivered online. It seems like software would be the prime example of efficient, hassle free purchasing. Until of course something goes wrong. Although I've ordered and received programs this way for many y...

How Paper Affects Color

In printing we are often confronted with the problem of expectation versus reality. The color that you see on your monitor, your laser printer, your color proof, your press proof and the final printed product can look surprisingly different from one another. This is the reality. Of course the expectation is that they are all the same.

Reasons for these diffe...